Monday, September 15, 2008


This last week we had our Quaint Old Homes meeting...not to be confused with Quaint old Ladies!!!! but most of us are quaint, creative, love to go junkin and flea marketing...there are about 50 of us who meet once a month in one of our homes...all of us live in and love old homes and are forever working on a project or two....this last week it was at my friends, Kayes home..which is a darling cottage with a wonderful cottage backyard....I am dreaming of waking up and finding my backyard as great as hers is ...everything she touches grows...and grows...and month we are meeting at my friend Jana's house and since we cant go to round top we are bringing roundtop to abilene....we are setting up booths and selling our junk and wares and eating flea market food...sounds tasty....cant wait... table decorations
more table decorations

heavenly can see most are gone
so until later....have a good week and happy fall!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


A couple of weeks ago my dad celebrated his 80th is hard to believe he is 80 , not that its old or anything...but he just doesnt seem like he should be 80....he doesnt act like he is 80 ....maybe because of the geriatric ballet class (as he calls it ) he goes to at the health club....keep up the good work and thanks for all you have done....

My brother and his grandson Carson at my dads 80th birthday dinner...He is our little ray of sunshine...he is a very happy baby and it makes my day and fills my heart with joy when he comes to visit me...My parents at my dads birthday dinner....

Well, I dont know whether I can sleep because I got back on my hormones or because the wedding frenzy has finally left my creative brain!! but whatever it is I am has been a month since Mckinsey got engaged and the anal and obsessive , creative person I am thought I had to get the big event all worked out immediately down to every little detail....I must say we have done a whole lot, got the date, church, reception site, florist, cake baker, photographer, compiled a guest list, sent out save a dates.. and a planner to help me on the day of the wedding so now I can finally rest...we are going wedding gown shopping in October and besides the invitations the big decisions are made...that is until the spring 2009 Brides magazines come we are not changing our minds we like what we have done ...that is our story and we are sticking to it!!!