Friday, January 22, 2010


I came home from work today, tired and in need of a vacation...I dont know why...I have had several days off lately but for some reason I feel the need for a major change of after pouring a glass of wine and opening a box of thin mint girl scout cookies..(my number one weakness) (1200 calories if I choose to eat the whole box at once.) I sat down at the computer and began reading my favorite blogs and than all of a sudden I ended up in England at the Rose Villa...hope you all enjoy it as much as me...and just in case anyone wants to go just let me bags can be packed in a jiffy and we could be on our way...but for now I will be dreaming....please join me..

Isn't it just the perfect home away from home...never underestimate the power of your dreams...celebrate your's a way of looking at what your life holds when you let your imagination flow...
sweet dreams


Susan said...

Oh, Amy. How funny that you are in Abilene. We must meet! I am also in Roxanne's evening art class, though she has been gone. You'll have to come check out our inn. Sounds like we are kindred spirits in many ways. I'm a painter, too and painted Channing - who loves listening to Norah Jones. (I saw you like NJ on your profile, too.) Channing is introduced on my blog a week or two ago.

bunnytrails said...

I love all of the white. So restful to the eye. Thanks for sharing your "trip". Also, I have been trying to get my nest organized and fluffed. Been cleaning out EVERYTHING! The new year has really brought that out in me.