Friday, May 2, 2008


This has been a strange 24 hours. I had a couple of days off and decided to head to Canton Texas to the flea market. I left thursday afternoon and headed to my friend Gails' house. She has a great house near Flower Mound and opens it to me whenever I want to come and stay. She even cooks me breakfast in the toaster when we remember to turn the toaster on......anyway I got to dallas at about 7:30 last night and met her at Jasons deli for a salad and headed to her house. We stayed up late talking and decided I probably needed to get ahead of the traffic in the morning because traffic stresses me out...and even more , rain and traffic are double whammys. off to bed we went....5 am came early with a bolt of lightning and a heavy downpour and I layed there in bed and thought great. with the high tech computer world we live in I checked the computer and found it to be a small but strong line of storms heading east exactly where I was going.....oh great again!!!!so I got up got dressed and was packing my things up , reached into my purse to get my glasses and NO WALLET.!!!!another could this be happening, traffic, rain, no wallet.....we searched high and low and no we drank more coffee and decided the last place I had it was at Jasons we called....not open yet.....called and finally got an answer...NO WALLETT!!!
OK maybe I forgot my listening ears, but was someone trying to tell me I shouldn't be going to Canton...surely we drank more coffee....and visited and watched the news and weather....then we heard "tornado near Canton trade days" oh my, this couldnt be....I would have been smack dab in the middle!!! I sat and listened and decided I needed to come home...and that I did....with gas money from Gail I was on my you know how strange it is to be on the road by yourself and NO WALLET , no money, no credit card , no drivers license...all the way home I made up stories what I was gonna tell the Highway patrolman when he pulled me over. .... what I was going to tell the bank when someone stole my identity......but thankfully that did not do you ever think God is trying to tell you something and we are to distracted to even take the hint???...I THINK SO.... I got home safely one more time and am thankful for that....I cancelled all my credit cards....and when I got home I called Jasons deli one more time...the nightime manager was now on duty and said yes maam we DO HAVE YOUR WALLET....I tucked it in the safe so no one could find it....apparently so!!!!!


molly said...

SOOOOO glad you listened to that small voice and stayed away!! When I heard about Canton I immediately stopped and said a little prayer for my friend. We wil have to go again- maybe in end of May!