Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This weekend I went to visit Mckinsey and her “boyfriend” Whitney. I put boyfriend in parenthesis because I usually get in trouble for calling him her friend,so I wanted to make it clear that he is her “boyfriend”……anyway I went to Dallas to see them and see Mckinsey in action at her new job. She is going to be teaching at a preschool in Frisco, Texas and is most excited about it…….it is a brand new multi million dollar facility called Crème De La Crème if that tells you something about how nice it is…….since she was working all day I drug Whitney with me on an all day shopping adventure…….first we went to Sam Moon Home, then Sam Moon luggage and then Sam Moon jewelry …..he was not too impressed nor was I, and probably the most exciting thing there was that we feared for our lives in taking the last know parking place!!!! ….next we went to Sample House , where if I owned my own store that is exactly what it would be like……lots of good stuff!!! Then on to other girly stores……( I had no idea as I was dragging him all over that he would have probably rather been at home watching some basketball???? Playoff???or something like that.) He was quite the trooper as always , and I appreciate that.
On Sunday we went to IKEA . If you have never been you need to go. It is quite an experience, lots and lots of good stuff. Mckinsey bought her a bed frame, and some other trinkets. Shopping has become a new experience for us. It’s kind of nice to go shopping and all she wants is my opinion and not my credit card. I never dreamed that day would come!!
Then I started home….on my long quiet drive home I began to think of all the things I was thankful for…
To God for….. The sun which lit my way….. for the wildflowers along my way , for my eyes that allow me to see all His beauty around us….. for my eyes that allow me to see when the car in front of me slams on his brakes for no apparent reason….. The air we breathe, the cows in the pasture… the Starbucks at Exit 343 …..And I could go on and on….
To Allen who pays all my bills especially my gasoline bill so I can go see the kids whenever I want to….. And for not caring that all I left him to eat was Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…..
To Whitney for being the shopping trooper and for loving Mckinsey and for calling her “Babe” …..
To Mckinsey for growing up and becoming who she is and for calling me Sunday night to see if I had made it home yet, and for telling me thank you for coming and she had fun…..
And then last but not least back to God for getting me there and back home one more time…..
Always giving thanks to the Father for everything.--Ephesians 5:20


Marmie said...

Amy, I simply love your blog! It has such heart. I am eager to earnestly begin mine … hopefully, in a few days.

Thanks for the butterfly happily flitting on my laptop as I write.


P.S. I will be out and about this morning so will leave the book Where Women Create on your porch.

mckinsey warren said...

let's not get too crazy--i'll still have your credit card if you want me to....

Tracy said...

oh forgot the best part of your weekend....