Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Magnolia Pearl is another famous must see in Round Top/ Marburger Farms. She also has been written up in just about every magazine around. She lives in Bandera , Texas. Robyn has a brother that is a preacher in my hometown., so I had a little in with her. She graciously agreed to have her picture taken with me. Thanks Robyn. Oh, and by the way she makes wonderful clothing and bags out of vintage lace and trims. There were ladies in her booth buying everything in sight and it was a sight to see!!!!
My friends and I beside a wonderful vintage truck filled with flowers. Had a great time girls. See you in October.
These are my baubles I came home with. They may not seem like much to you, but they just fill my soul. Did I mention how tired I am... yes I had a great time but my mind is mentally exhausted..... so much to look at and so little time. I was wondering , Do you think the we will ever run out of all these vintage things?? something to ponder..... I certainly hope not. By the end of the third day all I could say was " I am DONE"....that is until October!!!!


mckinsey said...

i'm so impressed with all your new things, mom...especially the technical part of this confusing blog, WAY TO GOOOOOO!

love you!!!

molly said...

Amy, SO fun seeing what you saw and comparing it with what I saw - great Pics I was soooo overwhelmed with it all I forgot to take too many pictures! Can't wait to compare notes. Right now I am too tired and still processing it all to blog!!! so glad you met Heather I was hoping you would meet her! Talk soon- tell Mckinsey to watch out we are tech geeks now!