Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Little Bit of Heaven

After years of dreaming of going to Round Top Texas to the flea market, I finally did it.!!! I loaded up in my new slugbug convertible (which by the way was a well deserved 50th birthday present to myself ) and headed down the road. Did I mention it was "mellow yellow ", love the name. It kind of just sets the mood back in the 1970's. Enough about that. It was a long 5 hour drive, but the wildflowers were out in full bloom and were a sight to behold . They blanketed the pastures along with a few longhorn cows and made the drive a little more relaxing. Thank you God for embellishing our landscapes everyday. I met up with some friends from Dallas and off we went to see what treasures we could find. And boy did we find treasures. I had always heard this event was huge but had no idea how big until we got there. There are miles and miles and miles of white tents out in the middle of fields filled with treasures and trinkets galore.
Our first stop was Zapp hall. I had been invited to meet some other bloggers there. I started not to go because I could not wait to shop but a little voice inside me told me I should go. I am so glad I did. I ran into a group of very creative hometown girls, Jana, Cindy and Roxanne. And then there I saw Heather Bullard. I was so excited, I read her blog everyday and have ordered things from her online store, but is was so exciting to meet her in person. She is truly one of the most passionate women I have ever met, and it was truly an honor to have met her. She is one of those women who you feel like you have know forever !!

This is Roxanne, one of the hometown girls. Another one of those very passionate women. She has just started a blog too, and if I knew how to link it here I would but that is high on the technical ladder and better not try. I would probably wipe everything out. Sorry Roxanne! These are all the fellow bloggers that met at Zapp Hall. Do we know which camera to look at??!! It was by far the highlight of my trip. Women not in blog land just wouldn't understand.
This is Jana , another passionate hometown girl , along with Myself and Heather Bullard. Jana , cant wait to see what treasures you brought home !!