Sunday, April 6, 2008

Time for a facelift

Five years ago our youngest child left for college. We have finally accepted that she will probably never come home to live again, we have decided to take over her room. It is a great attic space converted to a bedroom with lots of nooks , crannys and angled ceilings. We have painted the walls robins'egg blue ( which happens to be my new favorite color ) .
So this weekend we spent ripping out the old carpet and pad and the millions of nails to prepare the floors for new hardwood floors. I think this is going to be my new favorite room. Its funny I say that after every room gets a facelift!!!

By Sunday night we had layed 5 rows. We only have a zillion more rows to do. Progress is usually slow around our home but we eventually ( or maybe I should say Allen ) gets it done. We will keep you posted . I plan to use a bunch of white chippy old furniture and some ideas that are swarming in my head from Round Top. Hope you have a great week.


Tracy said...

i need some room facelifts (and probably regular ones to...ha) at my house. maybe i can be next. remember the flower beds...that was so fun! :)

Roxanne said...

Amy! How fun it was to see you at Warrenton!Was'nt it amazing?

Hey your blog looks great! ...looks like you've got the hang of things. Good job!!!

I'll check back soon.

Mary said...

Hi, Amy,

I'm so glad to be finding out about other bloggers nearby. Roxanne suggested a blog party and I think that would be just terrific! Your blog is lovely and I will be back often.

Stokes Chic Antiques said...

I can't wait to see the new space!

Mary said...

I think there may be a few pieces left at It's About Time, but not sure. I'm having a show there May 17th and better have a lot done by then! I'll let you know. And thanks!